Intuit Services

Intuit Integrated Services

Intuit offers integrated services that make business processes within QuickBooks more efficient saving your business time and money. Some are included in the QuickBooks program itself and others are available as a paid service.

Online Banking

All editions of QuickBooks include online banking which is a very useful tool for QuickBooks users. It allows you to “Synch” your banking records with your QuickBooks records and is useful for pointing out discrepancies between the two. Some financial institutions allow users of their online services to pay vendors through online banking instead of sending a physical check. Setting up online banking within QuickBooks is completed through a “wizard” type walk through and is easily accomplished. Be sure you have set up online banking with your bank prior to attempting the QuickBooks set up. This is also available for your company credit card accounts if your card company participates in online statements through QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Connect

This application connects your I phone or Android to QuickBooks desktop software allowing you to work with invoices, customers and record payments. It is available in the Intuit App center as an add on (9.95 per month and up). Please read the reviews as there are people that have had good luck and others have had problems. There are other solutions available if this does not meet your needs.

Intuit Merchant Services & Payments Solutions

Intuit has a range of payment and merchant services available including mobile payments, E check payments, Merchant card services, Internet store payment gateways and other services. The discount rates for Intuit may not be the absolute lowest in the card industry however the integration with QuickBooks is second to none. Please be aware that discounts are available if you mention you are working with a ProAdvisor.

Intuit Payroll Services

Intuit offers several payroll options for your business that are worth considering. Intuit Online payroll works independently of QuickBooks although you are able to import the payroll into QuickBooks. In order to use the payroll center within QuickBooks you must subscribe to one of the Intuit payroll services which are described in the link. Intuit has employee benefit plans available and a “pay as you go” workers compensation insurance plan offered through the Hartford insurance company.
Please be aware that if you are working with a ProAdvisor you will receive a discount on the first year of payroll service.

Attached documents

QuickBooks has an integrated feature that allows you to attach scanned images of documents to transactions. In the transaction window there is a paperclip with the word “Attach” next to it. To add a document to the transaction you can scan it, pull it in from your computer or attach documents that were previously added to the Doc center. This feature is an easy way to retain supporting documentation for transactions. Be advised the documents will not transfer with a backup file, you will have to copy the file manually if restoring from a back up.

Enterprise Solutions Advanced Inventory

If you are using Enterprise solutions Intuit offers an Advanced Inventory program that allows business more flexibility in inventory operations.
• Use the normal standard inventory costing or choose FIFO (First in First out)
• Track inventory by serial number or Lot.
• Track inventory in multiple locations.
• Transfer items between locations.
• Set up various locations such as warehouse one, warehouse two, truck one, truck two in order to better track inventory.
• Track inventory in one place (Enterprise) rather than using spreadsheets.