Create a QuickBooks Practice File

QuickBooks has included “sample company files” which are useful when first learning QuickBooks however they are not as detailed as they could be and surprisingly enough have minor set up flaws. The sample files are great for getting your feet wet in QuickBooks however none of them will even be close to your own company file.

A copy of your company working (.QBW) file can be useful when you are training a new QuickBooks user or new hire in your accounting procedures. Another reason may be to test planned corrections or new procedures without risking your working file. Any time you want to “test or train” use a QuickBooks practice file.

It is very simple to make a practice copy of QuickBooks but take care to name it something very unique; it is possible to start entering day to day accounting data in the practice file without realizing it.

First close your QuickBooks program then navigate to your company file location. Most company files are located in the “Public” folder in windows. The “Public documents folder” contains an “Intuit file folder”. Open the Intuit file folder and you will see a “QuickBooks” folder which contains a “Company files “folder.

You will see your company file “Your company .QBW” Right click the file and copy it to the location of your choice. Once the file is copied to its new location change the name of the file by right clicking the file and editing the name. I suggest using Practice file and the month so there is no way to confuse it with your working file.

Once you have renamed the file double click it to open. You will see your regular company name in the upper left of the window in QuickBooks. In order to avoid confusion go to the company dropdown menu>company information and change the company name to PRACTICE. This will change the name in the QuickBooks window. You can now use the file for practice purposes.

Author: John

My name is John Cronkite and I operate Advanced QuickBooks Services. I am an Advanced certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, QuickBooks ProAdvisor; Enterprise Solutions certified ProAdvisor and Point of sale certified Proadvisor. I am a member of the Intuit developer’s network and hold a B.S. degree in Managerial Accounting. . The official link to my certifications can be found on Intuit’s “Find a ProAdvisor” website.

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